Thank You! Mr. and Mrs. Noel and Marge Evangelista

As we continue serving our front liners and communities in need, more people are pouring in their support in different ways!

We are grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Noel and Marge Evangelista for donating bottled waters to be distributed to our front liners. their donations can come a long way in keeping our front liners hydrated while they fight the pandemic.

Mangoes-Very Many Mangoes

This couple’s passion to serve is contagious. PCEC-philrads team is grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Rex and Emily Tan for donating mangoes to boost our nourishment while the team continues to serve front liners and communities in need. May you be blessed beyond measure.


PCEC-philrads’ Shepherd Project

PCEC-philrads’ Shepherd Project put smiles on the faces of 37 pastors from Aklan, Capiz, and Antique. These areas were badly hit by typhoons Ursula and Tisoy late last year. At the beginning of this year, their families were still recovering from the effects of the typhoon. With the Enhanced Community Quarantine in effect in their areas since March, they had a difficult time to provide for their families’ basic needs. Most of them rely on the church’s income. With prohibited mass gatherings, there is also a limit on the possibility for these pastors to look for other sources of income. Yet they continue to serve their flock and provide spiritual guidance as they best could.

If you are touched and would want to bless pastors and their families during these difficult times, contact PCEC-PHILRADS and inquire about how you can contribute to the Shepherd Project.

This project was made possible by the support of Jubilee Christian Academy.



“There is no better way to express our faith but thru serving others”

Today, we continue to respond to the needs of our “kababayan” affected by Covid 19 Pandemic. We served a total of 280 families from Barangay Pamplona II (150 families served), Barangay Manuyo (100 families served), both in Las Pinas City; and in Barangay Camarin in Caloocan City (30 families served ) with food and WASH items (alcohol and soap).


“As our Nation and the rest of the World fight Covid 19 pandemic and it’s effect, we in PCEC Philrads together with our partners will journey and continue to serve Communities in Jesus’ name”

Today, PCEC Philrads, with the support of Humedica International Aid and partnership with Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) of Duyan Duyan, have served 230 families from Barangay Duyan Duyan Quezon City whose livelihood source are disrupted by Covid 19 pandemic.

Our order of Personal Protection Equipment
has arrived and will soon be delivered to our frontliners.

The purchase of PPE is in partnership between
Philrads and Humedica International Aid.

We invite you to partner with us to serve the nation in time of COVID-19.

Today, Philrads in partnership with Humedica International Aid served 600 families from Pagrai Hill Barangay Mayamot , Antipolo (300 families ) and Barangay Botocan, Quezon City (300 families) with relief food packs.

The delivery and coordination was made possible by the support and partnership of the Philippine National Police (PNP), local church partners (Christ’s People Christian Church and Botocan Bible Christian Fellowship), and the Barangay Local Government Units of Barangay Mayamot and Brgy. Botocan.

Please partner and support us.
You can contact us on our Philrad office number (02) 8913 6615 or email us at

Covid Mustard Seed Project

All Things Work Together For Good…

After the Enhanced Community Quarantine was implemented in Luzon on March 15, 2020, a lot of good-hearted people immediately looked for what they can do to help. Although the quarantine meant that they should stay at home to be safe, for some people, it did not mean sitting back and relaxing. It meant squeezing their brains and working in order to help out those who are in the front lines in the fight against the pandemic, that is Covid19.

For Fai and Melody Chua of FMC Research Solutions, Inc., the burden began when they found out that masks and medical gowns were depleting at the Philippine General Hospital. They knew they couldn’t just sit and watch movies all day, while they see real-life news unfolding before their eyes. They shared their burden to friends, family, relatives, and church family. These trusted friends and loved ones immediately stepped up and offered many ways they can help. Some of them offered their trusted contacts, social media network, and eventually, orders were made in China, and the first batch of items arrived on March 23, 2020 in the Philippines. Many people helped, from the Customs, to the NBI, PNP, and other kind-hearted individuals who had their share of efforts, big and small, to make the donations, distribution, and audit possible.

That same day, with the help of the Philippine Relief and Development Services (PHILRADS) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), they were able to distribute 20,000 pcs of N95 masks to the following hospitals: Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), Philippine Lung Center, Philippine Heart Center, Philippine General Hospital, San Lazaro Hospital, PNP General Hospital, Amang Rodriguez Hospital, and San Juan de Dios Hospital.

As of writing, a second batch of donations (5000 medical gowns and 100,000 pcs of surgical masks) are already on its way to the country. These will then be distributed to the police, healthcare workers, and other front liners during this crisis.

Where it all Began…

FMC “For My Country” Research Solutions, Inc. is a Filipino Corporation that specializes in high security printing solutions against counterfeiting and forgery. It is the first and only ISO 37001:2016 (Anti-Bribery System) certified company in the Philippines. Their security features were adapted in the Philippine New Generation Banknotes, Philippine coins, Philippine machine-readable passport, E-passport, Marina’s New Generation Seafarer’s Identification Document (SID) and Record Book (SRB) and other important national documents.

FMC has its own projects in reaching out to others, such as scholarship program and relief during calamities. They call this their “5 loaves and 2 fish” project. Their recent relief efforts towards people affected by the Taal Volcanic eruption was done in partnership with the Philippine Relief and Development Services (PhilRADS).

Philippine Relief and Development Services (PhilRADS), on the other hand, is the relief and development arm of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches. For over forty years, they have served various communities affected by man-made and natural disasters, from typhoons, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, and other calamities. They provide relief to the most vulnerable communities, and as more resources are available, they also help rebuild destroyed communities through their rehabilitation and livelihood projects.

PHILRADS Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ms. Rose Handog, is connected with the FMC through their Bible Study group. Having like-minded goals in serving people in Jesus’ name, they found themselves working together to respond to the needs of today’s crisis. By pooling together their strengths, resources, and connection, nothing seems to be impossible, as “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord” –Romans 8:28.

If you have the burden to contribute in helping others during this challenging time, you can reach out to people and share your burdens, because the people you share your burdens with, might just be waiting for someone like you to contribute your part in the greater work God is doing for all His creation.

*FMC wishes to thank the following for making the Covid Mustard Seed Project a reality: CKSC batch ’92, FOCIM/GCF/YGC family, MTN Esthetique Supplies, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Elwin and Arch Ann Chan, the China buyers (Amy, Danielle, Season), Mr. Joseph Bilangbilin of Reyes-Tacandong for offering his audit services pro bono, Ms. Ingrid Chua for offering her social media network, Idemia, JP Ting, Hugues, Annabel How, and many more. For colleagues in the FMC tribe, Jen, Hazell, Vanz, Mot. And for the government’s equal support: Bureau of Customs (Commissioner Guerrero, Ms. Mimel Talusan and team), the PNP, NBI, etc.

PCEC-Philrads COO, Ms. Rose Handog, joined the team of Covid Mustard Seed Project to pick up the first batch of donations from FMC.

These donations include 20,000 pcs of KN95. These masks will be distributed in partnership with PNP, to the following:

1. Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)
2. Lung center
3 Heart center
4. Philippine General Hostipal (PGH)
5 San Lazaro
6. PNP General hospital
7. Amang Rodriguez
8. San Juan de dios

Thanks to all who worked together to make this happen!

Let us continue to support our frontliners!


Today, Philrads, together with the Covid Mustard Seed Project and the Philippine National Police, distributed 20,000 pcs of N95 masks which were donated by For My Country (FMC) Research Solution. These masks are the first batch of PPEs that will be distributed to support our front line healthcare workers.

Thank you very much to our dedicated and hard working healthcare workers who are sacrificing their lives to continue doing their jobs!


COVID Mustard Seed Project has the privilege of extending its’ supplies to the provinces of Batangas, Tarlac, Bulacan, Rizal and even as far as Oriental Mindoro

# ACTNow

March 27, 2020

Through the Covid Mustard Seed Project, 100,000 pcs of face masks (Civilian grade) are on its way to Hospitals and Government Institutions to support our front liners.


March 30, 2020

Our support for our valiant heroes continues. Long live!


We Praise God for Jubilee Covid 19 Lifeline for ministering to our PNP frontliners and donating food items for PCEC-Philrads Covid Emergency Response.

These food packs will soon be distributed to the most vulnerable families whose livelihood sources are highly affected by the ongoing enhanced community quarentine in Luzon.

Yesterday April 29,2020, Covid Mustard Seed Project donated PPEs to medical front liners in World Citi Medical Center and National Kidney transplant institute, The PPES were distributed by PCEC-Philrads.


“Journeying with the people in hard times”

“Journeying with the people in hard times”

April 27, 2020

PCEC-Philrads (in partnership with Humedica) distributed its second wave of relief goods (food items) in Barangay 105 Happy Land, Tondo, Manila.

Evacuation Centeres served:
1.Villegas High School-117 families
2. San Pablo Apostol Evac. Center -36 families
3. Barangay 105, Covered Court- 147 families

Total served families: 300.


PNP and Philrads Working Together

We HEAL as one…

Look at it! National Police advocacy is PCEC / PHILRADS to help our countrymen to fight the spread of COVID-19.

We HEAL as one…

Look at it! National Police advocacy is PCEC / PHILRADS to help our countrymen to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you HTCG Premium Food Concepts, Inc.

PCEC-Philrads team, together with the PNP, would like to thank HTCG Premium Food Concepts, Inc. for sponsoring today’s healthy lunch.

As we distributed relief goods to affected people in Happyland, Tondo, our physical needs were taken care of by these generous donors. May more blessings return to you!



We give glory and thanks to our God for being able to reach out and help our brothers and sisters in ICACF Tanay. With the help from Philippine Relief And Development Services, Inc., 50 families were blessed to receive the following:

– 15 kilos of rice
– 10 canned goods
– milk
– alcohol
– bath soaps
– laundry soap

All glory and honor to Him alone! Hallelujah!

Thank You-Palaya Corporation

PCEC-Philrads is very grateful for the generosity of Palaya Corporation by donating an Air purifier for our office. This adds a safety layer for our team who continue to do their job, spending away from their families and risking their lives during these difficult times.

We are also grateful to Mr. And Mrs. Rex Tan for providing us with 3 crates of mangoes to supplement our nourishment as the team keep on serving the front liners and communities in need.

We truly feel the love and protection of our Creator through all the blessings you send our way! It energizes our spirit! Thank you very much!


Thank you Coca-Cola Company

We are overwhelmed by the support sent by the Coca-Cola Company. They donated 1300 bottled water to help keep our front liners hydrated as they continue to fight Covid 19 Pandemic. May many blessings return to those who pour their blessings.


Thank you INMED Corporation

While PCEC-Philrads staff continuously serve our front liners and the most needy during this difficult time, it is heartwarming to feel the love and care of others.

We appreciate the support of INMED Corporation through the sumptuous meals they provided for our team.

Indeed, it is a great blessing to feel the ripple effects of kindness, generosity, and care coming from all directions. May God reward you all in heaps!


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