“What struck us on December 2021? A typhoon, cyclone or a hurricane?

“What struck us on December 2021? A typhoon, cyclone or a hurricane?

It’s actually just the same thing. They are just called different names in different parts of the world.

Super Typhoon Odette was at 155 kph, in comparison, Yolanda had a strength of 255 kph.

Leyte was also hit during Yolanda (November 2013) so by now, people were more prepared for this storm. The towns were evacuated as soon as the storm made landfall on December 14. People flocked to the evacuation centers that the government prepared.

The aftermath of the storm is where we are focusing on.

Churches were flattened.
Homes were uprooted.
Schools, which became evacuation centers, were missing some parts of the roof.

There was no power. The forecast is that this would be for a few months. Three months to six months.

There was no internet connection or phone signals either. One of the challenges in relief efforts is to find our contacts on ground. We had to search for them in evacuation centers, barangay halls, or local churches that are still standing. Think of it as a great reset. Something similar to the 90s perhaps.

Help is coming from various sources, the government included. The current need would be food. As people try to take back pieces of their lives (literally scavenging GI sheets for covering or tarpaulins), another problem is the rainy season which falls on November to February. This hampers the relief efforts as there are areas with landslides or slippery roads.

The work is not yet finished.

This is going to be a long road to recovery ahead.

Pray for Southern Leyte. We need your help too.”

Gabo Monasterio
Pastor, Christ the Word of Life Church
Ormoc City, Leyte

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