Philrads set to Distribute Food Packs

The PHILRADS team is set to distribute food packs to 151 of the most affected families in Metro Cebu, at Praise Cathedral, Cebu City.

The procurement of relief goods is still a challenge as supermarkets in all major cities in Cebu ran out of stock of rice, water, canned goods, biscuits, noodles, and bread.

Water refilling stations have started to open up, but water containers are not available.

The team were about to give up about water, when one Typhoon Yolanda suvivor who heard about their difficulty in procuring water decided to donate 200 bottles of one-liter mineral water. Ten minutes after they got the water donation, they discovered a supplier of 5-gallon water container about 7 towns away from Cebu (more than 7 hours away from Cebu city).

IVCF Cebu, one of the para-churches under PCEC, cooked beeakfast for the team because there were no restaurants offering rice meals.

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