Update: PHILRADS’ Temporary Shelter Project in Bansalan, Davao del Sur

It was the last quarter of 2019 that a series of quakes happened in some parts of Mindanao. The shaking caused damages to infrastructures erected in the area. Houses, which were supposed to home families, became a danger to them. Most of the houses were abandoned by the people affected by the shakings. Those who can pay for temporary shelters built one for them, some used tents, and some were left homeless.

          The Philippine Relief And Development Services, Inc. in collaboration with Mt. Carmel, made a move of providing Temporary Shelters to 20 affected families and had them built inside the vicinity of Mt. Carmel. Aside from the shelters, PHILRADS, in the amount of five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) labor fee per shelter, asked the affected locals to build the shelters, themselves. Over 20 temporary shelters were turned over during that time (December 2019)

          The agreed stay, of the family, in the vicinity of Mt. Carmel, was only for six (6) months from the month of turn-over, but the inability of the beneficiaries to provide houses for their families on the sixth month extended their stay for another three (3) more months. After then, they vacated the area, but the temporary shelters were still put to use by restructuring it in another location. 

          Some of the beneficiaries are now temporarily situated in Balete Drive, Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur – the unused land owned by the government which is intended for barangay road, while waiting for the promised land of the government to them, and some went back already to their home of origin.

          The families, through their group president, Mrs. Gilda M. Sugpang, and her sister, Mrs. Jellie M. Dasmarñas, shared the impact of the PHILRADS’ Temporary shelter project – “…wala gayud unta mi ma puy-an atong panahona, kung wala ang PHILRADS.” (If it had not been for PHILRADS, we will be left homeless during the quake.) Through the project, they were also exposed to different types of people that made them forget the instead effects of the quake because of the fun and different stories they heard from all the other affected families.

          The religious activity during that time did not stop as well, it was made very convenient and accessible for them because they also build a temporary house of worship near the temporary shelters, where they can conduct evening worship and Sunday worship led by different evangelical sectors.

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